Top 9 OpenCart Plugins You Must Use in 2021

When it comes to eCommerce development, one of the most favoured choices for both the developers and business merchants is OpenCart. Business merchants prefer to work with an OpenCart developer as it is feature-rich and specially designed for eCommerce development. And developers love to use this platform because of the availability of plenty of plugins and extensions that makes development more efficient with OpenCart.

Meeting client expectations is a crucial part of completing a project successfully and the OpenCart plugins and extensions help a lot in this. Customising, designing, developing, and making an eCommerce site customer-friendly is easier with the use of the right OpenCart plugins. But, choosing the appropriate plugin from the extensive range of plugins as per the task or function is important. Well, you can go through this article to know about the top 9 OpenCart plugins available now.

Best OpenCart plugins you can use in 2021.

SEO PackPro:

This plugin helps in improving the ranking of the website in the SERPs and optimising the site. It is one of the top plugins available now that help to meet all the optimisation and SEO requirements, making the site SEO-friendly. With SEO PackPro, developers can easily generate meta titles, URLs, meta descriptions, keywords, and more with just a couple of clicks. It also comes with different essential features like smart SEO pagination, custom product SEO fields, automatic keyword generation, and more.

Advanced sorting:

It is a lightweight plugin or extension that helps in extending the default sorting mechanism of this eCommerce platform. It increases the possibility of enhancing the sorting options like categories, products, and all other web pages. It offers much more flexible and versatile sorting criteria and allows customers to search for their desired products more easily and quickly.

Zopim Live Chat:

Answering customers quickly or offering prompt service to the customers makes them more loyal and keeps them engaged for a long time. A live communication mode increases the customer satisfaction level and builds trust among the customers for the brand. Zopim Live Chat plugin offers this feature to an eCommerce site. With this extension or plugin, developers can easily add a live chat option or can open a pop-up chat box in your website.

Discount on leave:

This OpenCart extension offers an intuitive interface and plenty of options to regain your customers who are trying to leave the site. It comes with a multi-store feature and helps in including pop-ups as per your requirements.

Customer photos:

This plugin allows developers to add or tag photos of the customers or what products they have bought from your site and how they are using the products, etc. These photos uploaded can boost sales giving the new customers a better idea about the products and the overall website.

Add This:

This is one of the most widely used content-sharing extensions. It helps to optimise online marketing by enabling the customers to share your site’s content easily on different social media platforms. This extension helps to rapidly grow your business through social media platforms.

Abandoned Carts:

Integrating this extension into your OpenCart site will help in solving problems related to abandoned shopping carts. This plugin comes with a feature that helps in sending notifications to the customers just like emails with a discount hook or coupon to bring them back to the site and shop from there.

Ajax Quick Checkout:

It is the most powerful plugin in OpenCart that can help in transforming the checkout page of the site. It is an Ajax web technology-based extension that is highly customisable and offers a faster, streamlined, and more secure way to complete the order.


IBlog is a simple and straightforward way to quickly publish blogs and articles in OpenCart. This extension has multiple features like SEO URLs, customisable blog page names, categorisation, Disqus comments integrations, and more.

So, hope this article was helpful to you and has given you a clear idea about the top 9 OpenCart development extensions you can use in 2021.

Rob Stephen is a dedicated OpenCart developer associated with a leading OpenCart development company in Australia, PHPProgrammer. The author has written this article to unbox the top 9 plugins available for OpenCart development. 

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